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Beauty in my local flower shop

I want to share some of the wonderful venues and services in and around my town of Mono/Orangeville. Suzanne Gardener Flowers is where I would like to start. Suzanne 's flower shop is tucked into the main street, Broadway in Orangeville. Her plants and flowers are beautiful and well cared for and the staff seem to treat everyone

who enters with that same care. She has flower arrangements for every occasion and incredible choices for weddings. There are also gift boxes should you want to give a special gift to someone in your wedding party. Here is how my friend describes the service she received for their wedding. "Suzanne and her staff are incredibly flexible, accommodating, kind and they are true artists. Their arrangement designs are modern in their artistry and they can always be trusted to go above and beyond what you envisioned". To explore all the possibilities her shop holds for you, visit her website at

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